Initial Concept / Foodservice & Interior Design / Operations Consultant 


Ballet Memphis

Relocation to Midtown.

Scope of Work:

T&B was involved with Ballet Memphis’ relocation for the entirety of the project: 2014 – the 2017 grand opening. Originally contracted to concept and design a fresh, health-focused, foodservice concept that would fit with Ballet Memphis’ mission; we ultimately provided all foodservice designs, foodservice interior designs, and helped the client identify and vet a managing-operator.

  • Developed initial foodservice concepts.
  • Provided all foodservice plans and design (Layout, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).
  • Provided all foodservice equipment specifications.
  • Managed foodservice equipment bidding process.
  • Consulted re architectural design.
  • Consulted re branding and marketing.
  • Identified and vetted operator for the space.

Additionally, T&B Design partner, Hope Wilkinson Designs, was further contracted to redevelop interior design concepts for entire facility.

Contoured Counter at Ballet Memphis' Oval Cafe 

Contoured Counter at Ballet Memphis' Oval Cafe 

Project Partners:

Architecture: Archimania
Interiors: Hope Wilkinson Design
General Contractor: Grinder, Taber, & Grinder
Branding: Hemline