Developer / Owner / Operator / Foodservice, Interior, & Web Design

Edge Alley

Launched in August of 2017: Edge Alley is an innovative mixed-use project which co-locates a restaurant, a coffee roaster, and 4 micro-retailers - within a 4000 sf warehouse space in the developing Edge neighborhood. 

Scope of Work:

No Architect, or Engineer was Necessary // Charles “Chooch” Picard (Architecture Inc.) served as architectural consultant // T&B Consulting Group produced all plans and managed all improvements and construction.

  • Created and developed concept and design for 10+ months prior to construction start. 
  • Produced all plans and construction drawings (Layout, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).
  • Provided all foodservice equipment specifications.
  • Managed equipment bidding process.
  • Managed all construction and installations.
  • Construction completed within 5 months. 

Project Partners:

Architecture: N/A
Interiors: Hope Wilkinson Design
General Contractor: N/A
Branding: Doug Carpenter + Associates